The Motorsport Collective

You could call us a startup, in our fourth year we’re certainly not the new guys anymore. But just how do you grow a business in the motorsport industry? how do you give yourself that competitive edge in gaining sponsorship.

The Motorsport Collective is aiming to bring together the industry in a series of innovative networking events. Lindsay has a wealth of knowledge in motorsport and the contacts to match.Read article


BRC: 2016 entry

With the British Rally Championship returning we’ve compiled a list of the speculated, confirmed and possible entries for 2016. We’ll continue to update this page as information becomes available.Read article


Head over Heart

At heart Humans are an emotional species, and for the most part creatures of habit. We all do it, we grab that Latte from Starbucks , trudge that same route to work, and sit down to watch the same old TV show. It’s instinctive it’s habit and anything that breaks the cycle causes frustration.

People¬† avoid change, we don’t like it. It introduces risk, we fear the new and we revert to the defensive. I’m just as guilty as the rest.Read article